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Back on Track Horse Back Warmer

Back on Track Horse Back Warmer

$ 78.95

Dark Horse Tack is proud to offer...

See and feel the results for yourself with horses that are experiencing a sore back or cold back.


The Back Warmer has a thin filling plus a Velcro strip sewn along the length of the center back. If you wish to use your regular blanket over the Back Warmer, you can attach the additional removable Velcro strip to your regular blanket and fasten the two together. There are loops for surcingles (sold separately) to hold the Back Warmer in place for shorter periods, for example during competitions.




  • Back on Track Welltex fabric
  • Designed to reflect the horse's own body-warmth
  • Creates a soothing far infrared thermal heat
  • Helps to alleviate pain associated with inflamed muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.
  • Used for both injury prevention as well as injury recovery
  • Helps to warm up your horse's back before exercise, loosening up the muscles


Technical description:


Size: 3 x 4 ft. (100 x 120 cm) Material is 100% polypropylene infused with Back on Track's revolutionary new ceramic infused fiber.


Washing instructions:


Machine wash cool with mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry because the product can be destroyed. Line dry only. Cool iron only.


Usage instructions:


All Back on Track products should be implemented gradually. To start with, use the product for a maximum of four hours a day for the first 2-3 days. In horses and dogs, it manifests itself as a swelling. This is due to the increased blood circulation, which is actually a good indication that the ceramic fabric is taking effect. The body then has the opportunity to familiarize itself with the fabric's effects. After the introductory period you should up the usage to a minimum of 8 hours per day, preferably more. Specific instructions for use on horses: Keep in mind that the effect of Back and Track increases with movement when the body heat increases, so in addition to using pads and blankets in the stables, the horse can also be allowed to move around with the Back on Track products. Especially suitable in this context is Tall boots, Leg Wraps, Saddle Pads, Exercise Sheets and Blanket/Sheets. For long term problems, the horse may need to use Back on Track for an extended period. Use the product for two to three weeks and have a break one week, to see if the symptoms persist. As a preventive measure, Back on Track can be used with regular breaks. Use Back on Track 1 day before and 2 days after exercise and then stop until the next workout. For warm-up, use 1-2 hours before and 2-4 hours after exercise.

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