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Mid Sized Calendar Boiselle Draft Horse

Mid Sized Calendar Boiselle Draft Horse

$ 28.79

Dark Horse Tack is proud to offer...

Gabriele Boiselle Black Forest Chestnuts/Draft Horses Mid-Sized Calendar

The Black Forest Horse, also called the Black Forest cold blood or Schwarzwälder Kaltblut, is a rare draft horse breed originating in southern Germany. Features of the Black Forest Horse include a dark chestnut coat with a flaxen mane and tail, a short head, strong neck, well laid back shoulders, wide croup and expansive gaits. It stands from 14.2 to 15.3 and weighs in at approximately 1100 lb. Black Forest Horses were originally used for work in the forest and pulling carriages and carts. They are good-natured and gentle and recently have become popular riding horses in Europe and now in the USA.

Size: 18" X 15.5"

Delivery Sept/Oct approx.

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